Quebec born artist and music lover, Didier Pare, has forever been extremely sensitive to his immediate environment and in-tune with its colors and sounds all his life, but it was not until he began his formal collegiate studies that he became aware of his own person and how that has influenced him throughout his life. While studying, he discovered new techniques of communicating his own emotions on canvas that in the past he had never quite been able to artistically capture. A few years later, destiny permitted him to meet up and spend considerable time with none other than François Trottier, a well known international artist who inspired him to engage the artist’s world of personalizing these feelings and vision to canvas so that the observer is an active participant in the translation and not lost in it. Through Trottier’s tutorage and guidance, Didier then permitted himself to play with the various tools of the master’s craft — spatulas, trowels, acrylic paint, oil paint, charcoal pencil, Indian ink, gouache, and other such mediums — that transpose an artist’s emotions and feelings at a particular instant in time to the ‘fixed medium’ of the canvas where the story is told anew with each viewer.  

Didier has also become more sensitive to his immediate environment even more since he has begun traveling beyond his native borders. This mobility has favored his work tremendously with the discovery of a wide diversity of cultures within which he finds infinite nuances of colors and reflects them in each of his pieces.  Sometimes travel is just ‘up’ and one can easily feel and share along with the artist’s feelings of power and strength in the blues of the open sky during his first parachute jump.  

Sensitive and yet unprompted, Didier willingly shares with his public his artistic discoveries as they unfold for him. His artistic reputation is found in the detail of colors, mediums and materials that glimpse into his imaginary and emotional world. He effectively communicates his true personality thru the artist’s eye to the canvas so that his passion for freedom and liberty of self is evident in his use of colors and mediums.   Didier’s greatest desire is to inspire that ‘sense’ of freedom of mind and heart for all who experience his work.